Patricia's Swiss background guides her towards simplicity and minimal form and function, while her Argentinian background inspires her to go beyond the fundamentals and approach her work
as an artist unbound by rules and limitations.

“I love to experiment with new techniques to create a wide range of imagery, figurative and abstract, aiming to represent my take on nature’s colors, form and movement. Memories of places I visited around the world determine the depictions of landscapes and other abstract themes. I’m currently focusing on monotype printmaking, a process characterized by spontaneity, which allows me to be unselfconscious and unconstrained. The paint captures the stroke’s dance across the canvas, telling a story that is then interpreted through the viewer’s lens.’’ 

Patricia received a BFA with distinction in Graphics and Movement Based Design at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. She worked as Designer and Art Director at award-winning design and editorial studios in Zürich, Switzerland, and Los Angeles.

Patricia Hardmeier was born in Misiones, Argentina and currently lives in Santa Monica, with her husband, two children and their two Bichons.